10U Warrior Wind-Up 2022    (mayo de 2022)
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League Players
1 Akadema Naturals Kobee Banfield 
2 Akadema Naturals Devin Beaudis 
3 Akadema Naturals Zane Chamberlain 
4 Akadema Naturals Anthony Crump 
5 Akadema Naturals Dylan Dickey 
6 Akadema Naturals Colton Dworak 
7 Akadema Naturals Chris Frangos 
8 Akadema Naturals Brady Hall 
9 Akadema Naturals Liam Johnson 
10 Akadema Naturals Carter Rudish 
11 Akadema Naturals Isaiah Russell 
12 Akadema Naturals Isaac Steele 
13 Akadema Naturals Jacob Taylor 
14 Akadema Naturals Ruby Easton Anderson 
15 Akadema Naturals Ruby Charles Booms 
16 Akadema Naturals Ruby Jude Coffman 
17 Akadema Naturals Ruby Giovanni DePaolo 
18 Akadema Naturals Ruby Boone Kinsey 
19 Akadema Naturals Ruby Bowie Kinsey 
20 Akadema Naturals Ruby Cian Klik 
21 Akadema Naturals Ruby Garrett Lease 
22 Akadema Naturals Ruby Elijah Lipinsky 
23 Akadema Naturals Ruby Matt Ruby 
24 Akadema Naturals Ruby Peyton Ruby 
25 Guardian Angels Joe Aul 
26 Guardian Angels Pat Caleb Angelo 
27 Guardian Angels Pat Pat Aul 
28 Guardian Angels Pat Shane Graham 
29 Guardian Angels Pat Abel Jakell 
30 Guardian Angels Pat Ian Misko 
31 Steel City Select Nick Benson 
32 Steel City Select Jacob Benson 
33 Steel City Select Braydon Bumbaco 
34 Steel City Select Tino Cuomo 
35 Steel City Select Tino Cuomo 
36 Steel City Select Ralph Deabrunzzo 
37 Steel City Select Matt Diesel 
38 Steel City Select Mateo Farfan 
39 Steel City Select Hayden Gronsky 
40 Steel City Select Braydon McConnell 
41 Steel City Select Haley Piatt 
42 Steel City Select Maxx Putteman 
43 Steel City Select Anthony Razzano 
44 Steel City Select Cameron Rihn 
45 Steel City Select Parker Rimbach 
46 Steel City Select Jackson Tannehill 
47 Steel City Select Vincent Waters 
48 WV Patriot Baseball Maddox Cantwell 
49 WV Patriot Baseball Caden Carey 
50 WV Patriot Baseball Christopher Carey 
51 WV Patriot Baseball Kameron Deem 
52 WV Patriot Baseball Braylen McIntyre 
53 WV Patriot Baseball Jackson Nicewarner 
54 WV Patriot Baseball Carter Parsons 
55 WV Patriot Baseball Nic Piot 
56 WV Patriot Baseball Maximus Smith 
57 WV Patriot Baseball Levi Snider 
58 WV Patriot Baseball Camden Snider 
59 WV Patriot Baseball Ezekiel Swiger 
Tournament Details
League Type: PoolPlay
Demographic: Youth
Division: 10U
Sport: Baseball (Rules & Regulations)
Start Date: 5/14/2022
End Date: 5/15/2022
Status: Complete
Team Fee:
Other Fee Info:
More Info: When there is a tie, seeding may need to be manually updated
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