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10U Ring of Champions 2022    (June 2022)
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League Players
1 BV 10 WHITE Alex DeVoogd 
2 BV 10 WHITE Jordan Fazikas 
3 BV 10 WHITE Ryan Gaguzis 
4 BV 10 WHITE Will Hutterer 
5 BV 10 WHITE Preston Johnson 
6 BV 10 WHITE Max Leas 
7 BV 10 WHITE angelo maione 
8 BV 10 WHITE Cameron Smith 
9 BV 10 WHITE Brian Smith 
10 BV 10 WHITE Vince Sousa 
11 BV 10 WHITE Bryson Trebus 
12 BV 10 WHITE Alex Weber 
13 BV 10 WHITE Charlie Young 
14 BV 10s RED Jordan Bochert 
15 BV 10s RED O.C. Burkhead 
16 BV 10s RED Colt Cotter 
17 BV 10s RED Brodie Curry 
18 BV 10s RED Roman DeMartino 
19 BV 10s RED Joey DiMuccio 
20 BV 10s RED Carter Enrietti 
21 BV 10s RED Mason Erjavic 
22 BV 10s RED Tate Foster 
23 BV 10s RED Kean "Bean" Owens 
24 BV 10s RED Dylan Petras 
25 BV 10s RED Brian Smith 
26 BV 10s RED Grayson Whitehouse 
27 Field Dingers Maxim Bailey 
28 Field Dingers Ashton Eader 
29 Field Dingers Joel Ellis 
30 Field Dingers Ashton Greene 
31 Field Dingers Justin Greene 
32 Field Dingers Connor McNamee 
33 Field Dingers Jordan Mesaros 
34 Field Dingers Logan Moore 
35 Field Dingers Dennis Munnings 
36 Field Dingers Aiden Pinkerton 
37 Field Dingers Cameron Singleton 
38 Goon Squad Brayden Casper 
39 Goon Squad Corey Casper 
40 Goon Squad Nico Curl 
41 Goon Squad Vinny Esposito 
42 Goon Squad Nathan Gilkey 
43 Goon Squad Joe Krist 
44 Goon Squad Brando Krist 
45 Goon Squad Cameron Lavery 
46 Goon Squad Jude Olayer 
47 Goon Squad Giovanni Riccelli 
48 Goon Squad Mike Riccelli 
49 Goon Squad Parker Smith 
51 IRON HORSE MUSTANGS Levi Buterbaugh 
53 IRON HORSE MUSTANGS Colin Edmondson 
54 IRON HORSE MUSTANGS Dylan Gregovich 
58 IRON HORSE MUSTANGS Stephen Slatcoff 
59 IRON HORSE MUSTANGS Alex Vuckovich 
60 IRON HORSE MUSTANGS Colton Woodruff 
61 LBA Legends Colten Bell 
62 LBA Legends Grayson Bohna 
63 LBA Legends Cale Bretz 
64 LBA Legends Nolan Feniello 
65 LBA Legends Adam Ferita 
66 LBA Legends Max Kalp 
67 LBA Legends Cooper Kaylor 
68 LBA Legends Noah Kelly 
69 LBA Legends Johnny Kochis 
70 LBA Legends Joe Leonard 
71 LBA Legends Gauge McDowell 
72 LBA Legends Braydon Rockwell 
73 LBA Legends Conel Stevenson 
74 LBA Legends Tristyn Woods 
75 Ohio Valley Rubber Ducks Almonzo Banks, Jr. 
76 Ohio Valley Rubber Ducks Josh Danko 
77 Ohio Valley Rubber Ducks Landon Danko 
78 Ohio Valley Rubber Ducks Jordan Keyes 
79 Ohio Valley Rubber Ducks Terry Keyes 
80 Ohio Valley Rubber Ducks Kane Kuntz 
81 Ohio Valley Rubber Ducks Mason Lowery 
82 Ohio Valley Rubber Ducks Jay Lowery 
83 Ohio Valley Rubber Ducks Damarion Manley 
84 Ohio Valley Rubber Ducks Coalton Rawson 
85 Ohio Valley Rubber Ducks James Rawson 
86 Ohio Valley Rubber Ducks Marcellus Roach 
87 Ohio Valley Rubber Ducks Jaxon Robertson 
88 Ohio Valley Rubber Ducks Kason Rosnick 
89 Ohio Valley Rubber Ducks Jason Rosnick 
90 Ohio Valley Rubber Ducks Johnny Starr 
91 Ohio Valley Rubber Ducks Jace Wojtas 
92 Prime Baseball Andrew Cardot 
93 Prime Baseball Austin Cross 
94 Prime Baseball Connor Drechsler 
95 Prime Baseball Al Drechsler 
96 Prime Baseball Cameron Gage 
97 Prime Baseball Keegan Johnson 
98 Prime Baseball Brody Meyers 
99 Prime Baseball August Murgillo 
100 Prime Baseball Anthony Murgillo 
101 Prime Baseball Augie Murgillo 
102 Prime Baseball John Starwald 
103 Prime Baseball Logan Starwald 
104 Prime Baseball Hudson Tallo 
Tournament Details
League Type: PoolPlay
Demographic: Youth
Division: 10U
Sport: Baseball (Rules & Regulations)
Start Date: 6/11/2022
End Date: 6/12/2022
Status: Complete
Team Fee:
Other Fee Info:
More Info: When there is a tie, seeding may need to be manually updated
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