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11U Father's Day 2022    (June 2022)
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League Players
1 Bulldog Baseball Club Luke Bruck 
2 Bulldog Baseball Club Bryce Collins 
3 Bulldog Baseball Club Chase Finkenbiner 
4 Bulldog Baseball Club Rich Finkenbiner 
5 Bulldog Baseball Club Michael Greer 
6 Bulldog Baseball Club Haden Hicks 
7 Bulldog Baseball Club Brennan Horton 
8 Bulldog Baseball Club Randy Houck 
9 Bulldog Baseball Club Keegan Houck 
10 Bulldog Baseball Club Brody Lam 
11 Bulldog Baseball Club Tyler Lawrence 
12 Bulldog Baseball Club Cameron Melhorn 
13 Bulldog Baseball Club MASON RYAN 
14 Bulldog Baseball Club Vincent Waller 
15 Bulldog Baseball Club Tyler Weikert 
16 Butler Bantams Logan Browne 
17 Butler Bantams Kiernan Cassidy 
18 Butler Bantams Drew Cuny 
19 Butler Bantams Nathan Gilkey 
20 Butler Bantams Cooper Hilliard 
21 Butler Bantams Steve Hilliard 
22 Butler Bantams Geno Jones 
23 Butler Bantams Benny Kinney 
24 Butler Bantams Ted Kinney 
25 Butler Bantams Hunter Knapik 
26 Butler Bantams Colin Neubauer 
27 Butler Bantams Kole Rea 
28 Butler Bantams Colin Stefaniak 
29 Butler Bantams Nathaniel Wise 
30 Fayette Force Hunter Auen 
31 Fayette Force Derek Auen 
32 Fayette Force Heinz Bryer 
33 Fayette Force Evan Bulcis 
34 Fayette Force Vann Chopp 
35 Fayette Force Andy Chopp 
36 Fayette Force Luke Edwards 
37 Fayette Force Mason Glassburn 
38 Fayette Force Jeff Lander 
39 Fayette Force Lukas Lander 
40 Fayette Force Max Manley 
41 Fayette Force Dominic Pireaux 
42 Fayette Force Dominic Pireaux 
43 Fayette Force Jason Rechichar 
44 Fayette Force Owen Rechichar 
45 Fayette Force Jackson Shawley 
46 Fayette Force Logan Wood 
47 Field Diamond Boys Ricky Baggott 
48 Field Diamond Boys Dylan Benshoff 
49 Field Diamond Boys Chase Berthold 
50 Field Diamond Boys Grayson Border 
51 Field Diamond Boys Kevin Brastine 
52 Field Diamond Boys Kamren Brastine 
53 Field Diamond Boys Cam Elmore 
54 Field Diamond Boys Adam Fanger 
55 Field Diamond Boys Christian Fisher 
56 Field Diamond Boys Tony Fulst 
57 Field Diamond Boys Mason Fulst 
58 Field Diamond Boys Michael Jackson 
59 Field Diamond Boys Evan Jackson 
60 Field Diamond Boys Matt Zeman 
61 Field Diamond Boys Tristan Zeman 
62 Field Diamond Boys Tristan Zeman 
63 Morgantown Redbirds Grant Alexander 
64 Morgantown Redbirds Stefan Croyle 
65 Morgantown Redbirds Gage Hendershot 
66 Morgantown Redbirds Ayden Jeffries 
67 Morgantown Redbirds Joshua Oravec 
68 Morgantown Redbirds Zeke Ryan 
69 Morgantown Redbirds Colton Taylor 
70 Morgantown Redbirds Ryan Taylor 
71 Morgantown Redbirds Noah Templeton 
72 Morgantown Redbirds John Cooper Thaler 
73 Morgantown Redbirds Colton Velickoff 
74 New Castle Storm Dante Cascavilla 
75 New Castle Storm Tyler Clark 
76 New Castle Storm Leo Gills 
77 New Castle Storm Colton Greleski 
78 New Castle Storm Mason Guido 
79 New Castle Storm Justin Joseph 
80 New Castle Storm JD Joseph 
81 New Castle Storm Paul Malley 
82 New Castle Storm Sj Mauney 
83 New Castle Storm Massen Michaels 
84 New Castle Storm Maddox Moser 
85 New Castle Storm Lon Valentine 
86 New Castle Storm Jennifer Welker 
87 New Castle Storm Bentley Yost 
88 Stow Bulldogs Mason Abernathy 
89 Stow Bulldogs Luke Beatty 
90 Stow Bulldogs Brett Beatty 
91 Stow Bulldogs Mason Crawford 
92 Stow Bulldogs Jeff Crawford 
93 Stow Bulldogs Nolan Guidone 
94 Stow Bulldogs John Guidone 
95 Stow Bulldogs Matthew Hodge 
96 Stow Bulldogs Ryder Horwath 
97 Stow Bulldogs Owen Huff 
98 Stow Bulldogs Jackson Kruse 
99 Stow Bulldogs Gavin Lindsey 
100 Stow Bulldogs Jason Lindsey 
101 Stow Bulldogs Kaden Moore 
102 Stow Bulldogs Rick Moore 
103 Stow Bulldogs Gabe Patterson 
104 Wolfpack Dean Altavilla 
105 Wolfpack Luke Altavilla 
106 Wolfpack Braden Cernicky 
107 Wolfpack Austin Chambers 
108 Wolfpack Gino Cortes 
109 Wolfpack Nico Curl 
110 Wolfpack Luca Della Lucia 
111 Wolfpack EReno Fuscardo 
112 Wolfpack Reno Fuscardo 
113 Wolfpack Troy Goelz 
114 Wolfpack Colt Kozar 
115 Wolfpack Cameron Lavery 
116 Wolfpack Mason Mahouski 
117 Wolfpack Dante McBride 
118 Wolfpack Peyton Risha 
119 Wolfpack connor santucci 
120 Wolfpack Mason Virgin 
Tournament Details
League Type: PoolPlay
Demographic: Youth
Division: 11U
Sport: Baseball (Rules & Regulations)
Start Date: 6/18/2022
End Date: 6/19/2022
Status: Complete
Team Fee:
Other Fee Info:
More Info: When there is a tie, seeding may need to be manually updated
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