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13U Knuckle Ball Knockout 2022    (July 2022)
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League Players
1 AIA Miners Randall Barrett 
2 AIA Miners Mason Bertino 
3 AIA Miners Brennan Corridoni 
4 AIA Miners Brian Corridoni 
5 AIA Miners Zachery Hald 
6 AIA Miners Al Klimkowski 
7 AIA Miners Alan Klimkowski 
8 AIA Miners Lucas Klimkowski 
9 AIA Miners Brady Moore 
10 AIA Miners Jaydon Oliver 
11 AIA Miners Sawyer Ondish 
12 AIA Miners Max Petrosky 
13 AIA Miners Jackson Pollick 
14 AIA Miners Trent Slovinsky 
15 AIA Miners Kyle Smith 
16 AIA Miners Zack States 
17 AIA Miners Ryan States 
18 AIA Miners Gavin Tola 
19 AIA Miners Jaxon Vargo 
20 AIA Miners Luke Whitfield 
21 Jefferson County Elite James Brothers 
22 Jefferson County Elite Trevor Eisnaugle 
23 Jefferson County Elite Teddy Glyptis 
24 Jefferson County Elite Teddy Glyptis 
25 Jefferson County Elite Max Lane 
26 Jefferson County Elite Cash Meadows 
27 Jefferson County Elite Rocco Nocera 
28 Jefferson County Elite Anthony Pierro 
29 Jefferson County Elite Jaggar Rawson 
30 Jefferson County Elite Hunter Rusnak 
31 Jefferson County Elite Skyler Willoughby 
32 Jefferson County Elite Aleksander Zanieski 
33 Mount Lebanon Blue Cooper Church 
34 Mount Lebanon Blue Marc Clevenger 
35 Mount Lebanon Blue Joe Cloherty 
36 Mount Lebanon Blue Gavin DePolo 
37 Mount Lebanon Blue Ryder Jackson 
38 Mount Lebanon Blue Noah Loboda 
39 Mount Lebanon Blue Ed Masilunas 
40 Mount Lebanon Blue Owen Masilunas 
41 Mount Lebanon Blue Don McKay 
42 Mount Lebanon Blue DJ McKay 
43 Mount Lebanon Blue Gavin Psilos 
44 Rawlings Tigers 13u Velo Tristan Blum 
45 Rawlings Tigers 13u Velo Damian Blum 
46 Rawlings Tigers 13u Velo Chase Butker 
47 Rawlings Tigers 13u Velo Colton Chiarelli 
48 Rawlings Tigers 13u Velo Charlie Cook 
49 Rawlings Tigers 13u Velo Mark Fariss 
50 Rawlings Tigers 13u Velo Evan Gribble 
51 Rawlings Tigers 13u Velo Jack Guthrie 
52 Rawlings Tigers 13u Velo Tim Jones 
53 Rawlings Tigers 13u Velo Joseph McGivney 
54 Rawlings Tigers 13u Velo Drew Moyer 
55 Rawlings Tigers 13u Velo Eli Olifson 
56 Rawlings Tigers 13u Velo William Peifer 
57 Rawlings Tigers 13u Velo Michael Roberts 
58 Rawlings Tigers 13u Velo Nick Seifried 
59 Steel City Select Carolina Charlie Bulger 
60 Steel City Select Carolina Max DeHainaut 
61 Steel City Select Carolina Matt Diesel 
62 Steel City Select Carolina Aidan Erickson 
63 Steel City Select Carolina Aiden Gordon 
64 Steel City Select Carolina Kyaire Grandy 
65 Steel City Select Carolina Owen Jackson 
66 Steel City Select Carolina Matthew Kelly 
67 Steel City Select Carolina Ian Majors 
68 Steel City Select Carolina Jacob Mangan 
69 Steel City Select Carolina Eli Maze 
70 Steel City Select Carolina Anthony Popovich 
71 Steel City Select Carolina Kameron Springel 
72 Steel City Select Carolina Alexander (Xander) Vescio 
73 Steel City Select Carolina Xander Vescio 
74 Steel City Select Carolina Grayson Wedoski 
75 Steel City Select Carolina Adam Wise 
76 Steel City Select Carolina WILL WOESSNER 
77 Steel City Select Carolina Ricky Zilaitis 
78 Steel City Select Navy Matt Diesel 
79 Steel City Select Navy Evan Hagler 
80 Steel City Select Navy Ryan Kerr 
81 Steel City Select Navy Landon Kruper 
82 Steel City Select Navy Michael Malady 
83 Steel City Select Navy Kyle Morgan 
84 Steel City Select Navy Jonah Oglan 
85 Steel City Select Navy Jack Sherman 
86 Steel City Select Navy Christian Smith 
87 Steel City Select Navy Matt Stickle 
88 Steel City Select Navy Adam Stickle 
89 Steel City Select Navy Noah Taggart 
90 Steel City Select Navy Derek Tudek 
91 Steel City Select Navy Sam Vargo 
92 Wheelhouse Arsenal (Martin) Jacob Chambers 
93 Wheelhouse Arsenal (Martin) Trevin Cox 
94 Wheelhouse Arsenal (Martin) Carson Durst 
95 Wheelhouse Arsenal (Martin) Bryce Gunter 
96 Wheelhouse Arsenal (Martin) Aaron Laffey 
97 Wheelhouse Arsenal (Martin) Owen Reel 
98 Wheelhouse Arsenal (Martin) Colt Resh 
99 Wheelhouse Arsenal (Martin) Coye Resh 
100 Wheelhouse Arsenal (Martin) Rhett Sensabaugh 
101 Wheelhouse Arsenal (Martin) Deacon Stanislawczyk 
102 Wheelhouse Arsenal (Martin) Landon Whitacre 
103 Wheelhouse Arsenal (Martin) Hayden Williams 
Tournament Details
League Type: PoolPlay
Demographic: Youth
Division: 13U
Sport: Baseball (Rules & Regulations)
Start Date: 7/15/2022
End Date: 7/17/2022
Status: Complete
Team Fee:
Other Fee Info:
More Info: When there is a tie, seeding may need to be manually updated
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